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Watch 'Top Chef' full-episodes on

The Bravo cable channel offers a number of full-length episodes that can be viewed online, including “Top Chef” and “The Real Housewives of Orange County.”

BravoTV Full-Length Episodes Online

Bravo is a cable channel offering a wide-variety of original programming. Their site,, offers a number of full-length episodes, a large of video clips (over 7,000+) from a large number of their programs, in addition to other comments like image galleries, games and blogs.

Detailed Schedule of Bravo Programming

BravoTV also offers you a detailed viewing schedule of the day’s programming, with the ability to see two weeks worth in advanced. The schedule includes the name of the show, the broadcast time and a comprehensive description of the episode (enough of a description to let me know that I personally have no interest in viewing any of these programs in the first place.)

I know of the Bravo channel from watching “Inside the Actors Studio” with James Lipton from year ago, so it was interesting for me to research into Bravo online to see what else they are offering in addition to this. From the programming lineup, it appears the Bravo channel basically offers a large selection of original programming, some films, as well as repeats of older prime-time programs such as “West Wing”.

Full Episodes Available on BravoTV

Bravo offers some full-length programs on their site, and I checked out a few of these. Personally the sfull-show election seems a little limited, but all the same, it’s a fair sampling of some of Bravo’s original programming. Curiously, the first time I attempted to select a particular video I was routed to a blank screen and a “null: null” message, and as I’ve noted before, since my background is quality assurance, nothing irks me more than unearthing bugs that I don’t get paid to find (especially on high pagerank sites like

Regardless, I checked out an episode of “Top Chef”, and the episode loaded fine for me, with decent picture and sound. The episode starts, as you’d expect, with a quick advertiser message at the beginning, then a full episode plays with the standard navigation controls available on the site. Other than the initial “null” message, I was able to sample a couple videos, all of which ran fine but didn’t hold my attention for long.

BravoTv Clip of James Lipton Interviewing Hillary Swank

Other Features of BravoTV

In addition to online videos and episode guides, BravoTV also offers a number of, frankly, inane blogs. Unless someone is a serious fan of the programming and the actors from these shows, most all of these blogs are irrelevant and really didn’t hold my interest with any valuable content.

The Photos page of the BravoTV site offers a limited selection of images from Bravo programming (mostly dubious OC Housewife material), and the Games page of the site offers a selection of mostly IQ-style trivia games, again based on Bravo programming and that, if you don’t know the shows, the trivia is, well, trivial.

Final Thoughts…

In the quest to seek out new television programming viewable online, I have to say that personally, there is nothing whatsoever at all on Bravo that appeals to me personally, either in the programming or the site content.

Nevertheless, I’m sure that there are some people who will enjoy the full episodes offered online through Bravo. However, after browsing what Bravo has to offer I’m just left feeling that most of what they offer is shallow and superficial.

Bravo Video Links

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