Are HD Plasma TVs slowing down the evolution of Internet TV?

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Wall Mounted HD TVIts been said before that HDTV will slow down the evolution of Internet TV because the general low quality of web TV just doesn’t cut it against the sharp crystal clear high definition plasma TVs.

Currently those big wall mounted flat screen televisions are popping up everywhere. Companies like, an Award winning company that specializes in installing Plasma and LCD TVs, say they have never been busier. There is no doubt that HDTV and big LCD and plasma displays are the in thing at the moment.

When it comes to HDTV over the internet the current technology just doesn’t cut it with many arguing that broadcasting HD video to large audiences over internet protocol is not a cost effective solution. Even Google has jumped in and said the internet doesn’t have the infrastructure to deliver a TV service.

The technology for HD over the net is on it’s way

However, the important thing to remember is that 10 years ago most people were just trying out the internet for the first time, and ten years later it’s a fundamental part of our daily lives.

The technology for HD TV over the internet is well on its way and we are already beginning to see advances in video compression, P2P technology and general internet infrastructure. AT&T are already rolling out some beefy broadband lines that will cope with that bandwidth heavy HD video.

10 years from now we may be watching a YouTubeHD on our 50 inch wall-mounted wafer thin LCD TV. What’s scary though is the amount of devices we’ve currently got hooked up to our home theatre system, the current home theatre configuration is already quite confusing, and it’s often better to go with a professional home theatre installation company to connect it all together.

So to answer the question: “Are HD Plasma TVs slowing down the evolution of Internet TV?” Well my answer would be no. We don’t have the technology and infrastructure now, but while that is in development the content owners will be continuing to warm to the idea internet TV.

This means that when the technology is ready they’ll be plenty of HD content ready to race down those broadband cables, and all this content can only fuel the internet TV revolution.

I expect this will all happen within the next 5 – 10 years.

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