YouTube Most Popular for Young Adults | News More Popular than Humor

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Young adults watch humorous online video

Findings of a study conducted earlier this year show that young adults (18-29 years of age) most frequent YouTube as their primary source of online video. The same demographic was also found to watch humorous videos more so than any other age group.

Of the young adults surveyed, half had watched online video on YouTube, whereas only 15 percent had used MySpace and 7 percent had watched clips on cable or network TV websites.

Overall, news still ranked more popular than comedy as the most watched internet video genre. However, a report conducted by a different research company suggests this trend will shift in the coming years.

The study also revealed that one in five adult Americans of any age watch online video on any given day. Watching it in groups was more common for young adults, the study suggests.

The research was conducted over the phone with almost 1500 American’s 18 years of age and older by Pew Internet and American Life Project.

[Via The Age]