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You’re Cut Off! Synopsis

You’re Cut Off! is a reality television series produced by VH1 that premiered in June of 2010.

You’re Cut Off! follows nine women who have have been leading very spoiled and lavish lifestyles. Under the pretence they are going to be a part of a show called The Good Life they are cut off by their benefactors and forced to take part in nine week rehabilitation program that will try to get them to change their pampered ways. They are guided by life coach Laura Baron and will try to learn fending for themselves.

You’re Cut Off! is currently in its first season.

Episode List

Season 1

  • 1 – Surprise… You’re Cut Off! (S01E01 – 101)
  • 2 – Princess Cleaning Services (S01E02 – 102)
  • 3 – Dress for Less (S01E03 – 103)
  • 4 – She Works Hard for the Money (S01E04 – 104)
  • 5 – Inner Beauty (S01E05 – 105)
  • 6 – Fun on a Budget (S01E06 – 106)

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