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My Mad Fat Diary Synopsis

My Mad Fat Diary is a comedy drama television series produced by Channel 4 that premiered in January of 2013.

Based on the books written by Rae Earl My Mad Fat Diary follows the story of Rae (played by Sharon Rooney), a 16-year old obese girl who has spent four months in a psychiatric hospital due to her mental health and body image issues. Back in the real world Rae is starting to reconnect with her old friends all the while hiding her condition from them.

My Mad Fat Diary is currently in its first season.

Episode List

Season 1

  • 1 – Big Wide World (S01E01 – 101)
  • 2 – Touched (S01E02 – 102)
  • 3 – Ladies and Gentlemen (S01E03 – 103)
  • 4 – Don’t Ever Tell Anybody Anything (S01E04 – 104)
  • 5 – My Mad Skinny Diary (S01E05 – 105)
  • 6 – It’s a Wonderful Rae (S01E06 – 106)

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