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Michael Jackson’s memorial service and public funeral will take place at 10am on Tuesday, July 7. It’s expected to be one of the biggest media events to have ever taken place. And the event will be available to watch via live, online video streams, with smartphones such as the Apple iPhone making mobile viewing possible.

Michael Jackson died after suffering a cardiac arrest on June 25, 2009. Attempts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful and he was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. His death has prompted an outpouring of emotion not seen for many years, probably since Princess Diana died in 1997.

His death, and the reaction of people around the world to it, has been well documented by online video. First, there was the reaction videos, then tribute videos popped up, and continue to do so even now, ten days after his death. There was also the shockingly sad footage of Jacko rehearsing for his This Is It tour just two days before he died.

Michael Jackson’s Funeral Service

Now comes the next stage of Michael Jackson’s story – the public memorial service and funeral being held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on July 7. The service will begin at 10am PT, but unfortunately, only 20,000 people are able to attend in person because that’s how many people the venue can hold. Tickets have been given out via a lottery to 17,500 members of the general public.

Online Streams of the Memorial Service

The majority of Michael Jackson fans around the world will be watching live coverage of the memorial service on television or via streaming video online. It’s already been announced there will be a free, live stream of the event, with Jacko’s promoter, AEG Live, which also owns the Staples Center, wanting as many people as possible to be able to watch the memorial service.

How to Watch on iPhone

Thanks to the uStream Viewing Application, iPhone users will be able to watch the live stream of Michael Jackson’s funeral in real-time.

The uStream iPhone app (video review below) was released at the beginning of this year just in time for Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration, an event that became the biggest Web TV phenomenon ever seen, thanks in part to the multitude of people watching on their cell phones.

Where can I Find a uStream Live Feed of Funeral?

There will be a large variety of live video feeds available on Tuesday covering the funeral, e.g: CBS, but also check the comprehensive list of live streams on Web TV Hub.

Live Streams on SmartPhones?

Unfortunately watching Michael Jackson’s funeral with uStream is not possible on Smartphones (yet). However, most windows based cell phones should have a couple of options available to them.


Slingbox owners can set their slingbox up to stream a channel covering the memorial service over the internet on their private channel. Then using the Slingplayer mobile app it is possible to watch the event live on a cell phone.

The Slingplayer app is also available for the iPhone. Download it from the iTunes store or read about it here.

TVUPlayer – Live TV on Cell Phone

Another option for windows based smartphones is to use the TVUPlayer cell phone app. You can get it here. TVUPlayer is a P2P TV streaming service that has channels from all around the world, you can read about it here.

TVUPlayer has plenty of channels, simply look up a new channel and undoubtedly it will be broadcasting MJ’s historic funeral.

Any More?

If there are any more ways to watch Michael’s funeral on a cell phone then please leave a comment below to let us know.

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