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Love, Election and Chocolate Synopsis

The anime Love, Election and Chocolate is based on the computer game.

Love, Election and Chocolate follows Yuki, a slacker whose lifestyle is perfect for the school’s Food Research Club.

However, when a class president candidate intends to get rid of his club, he enters the race to run Studen Council.

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Episode List

Season 1

  • 1 – Disbanding the Club! (S01E01-101)
  • 2 – Running for the Election! (S01E02-102)
  • 3 – Strategy! (S01E03-103)
  • 4 – Funding! (S01E04-104)
  • 5 – Festival! (S01E05-105)
  • 6 – Ballot Counting! (S01E06-106)
  • 7 – Camp! (S01E07-107)
  • 8 – Truth! (S01E08-108)
  • 9 – Accident! (S01E09-109)
  • 10 – Complication! (S01E10-110)
  • 11 – Investigation! (S01E11-111)
  • 12 – Vote! (S01E12-112)

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