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Invaders of Rokujyoma!? Synopsis

The anime Invaders of Rokujyoma!? is based on the novel series by Takehaya and Poco.

Invaders follows high schooler Kotaro, who moves into a new apartment because it’s incredibly cheap.

However, he finds out that the apartment is haunted by a cute girl who wants him to leave.

Watch Invaders of Rokujyoma!? online

Episode List

Season 1

  • 1 – The Invasion Begins!? (S01E01-101)
  • 2 – More Invasion?! (S01E02-102)
  • 3 – Friends and Promises (S01E03-103)
  • 4 – Swimming and Plots?! (S01E04-104)
  • 5 – Precious Charms (S01E05-105)
  • 6 – Cultural Festivals and Beetles (S01E06-106)

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