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Happy Tree Friends Synopsis

The cult internet series Happy Tree Friends had a brief stint on TV in the form of a 13-episode TV series.

The characters on Happy Tree Friends are all cute animals with names like Cuddles, Lumpy, and Disco Bear.

While the show looks cute, it is most certainly not for children, as it is extremely violent.

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Episode List

Season 1

  • 1 – The Wrong Side of the Tracks / From Hero to Eternity / And the Kitchen Sink (S01E01-101)
  • 2 – Party Animal / Ipso Fatso / Don’t Yank My Chain (S01E02-102)
  • 3 – Doggone It! / Concrete Solution / Sea What I Found (S01E03-103)
  • 4 – Every Litter Bit Hurts / As You Wish / Take A Hike (S01E04-104)
  • 5 – Snow Place To Go / Dunce Upon A Time / Gems The Breaks (S01E05-105)
  • 6 – Easy For You To Sleigh / Wishy Washy / Who’s To Flame? (S01E06-106)
  • 7 – A Change Of Heart / A Hole Lotta Love / Mime To Five (S01E07-107)
  • 8 – Blast From the Past/Chew Said a Mouthful/See What Develops (S01E08-108)
  • 9 – Idol Curiosity / Home is Where the Hurt Is / Aw, Shucks! (S01E09-109)
  • 10 – A Sight For Sore Eyes / Wipe Out / Letter Late Than Never (S01E10-110)
  • 11 – Wingin’ It / Tongue In Cheek / Easy Comb, Easy Go (S01E11-111)
  • 12 – I’ve Got You Under My Skin / In a Jam / Junk in the Trunk (S01E12-112)
  • 13 – Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow / Double Whammy / Autopsy Turvy  (S01E13-113)

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