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Warner Bros. LogoWarner Bros. today announced two new websites, which will form part of its overall online strategy, and are also likely to increase interest in Web television as a serious alternative to traditional TV.

It will be bringing back the WB network TV brand, which existed as a female targeted television channel before being merged with Fox’s UPN Network, as an online destination at

Ad Supported Video On Demand

This will be an ad supported video on demand venture which is hoped to become a viable location for new shows, which will be tested on the Web before possibly being given a network television slot.

A Web destination just for kids will also be created at, again ad supported, but this time built around interactive entertainment programmes.

Bruce Rosenblum, President, Warner Bros. Television Group said:

“These destinations are perfect examples of our digital strategy to create targeted, niche destinations that present a fresh and compelling point of view to audiences,”

“In much the same way TMZ has, these initiatives enable us to create new brands and re imagine existing ones for a multi platform playing field. They are complementary to our thriving traditional business and share the same vision of original episodic storytelling.”

Launching Soon

Both channels are expected to launch in beta during May, with a full launch occurring at the end of August if all goes well.

Warner Bros. seem intent on being at the forefront of Web television, and are clearly willing to experiment with different strategies to reach audiences on the Web.