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Torrents and peer-to-peer file sharing is often associated with illegal piracy, the pirate copy of The Dark Knight being a prime example.

However, EZTV is aiming to use its torrent streaming technology as an open source distribution platform for major networks.

Forward thinking TV networks such as the BBC are already interested in this sort of technology. The BBC is currently working with the P2P-Next research project which aims to develop an open source media delivery platform that is perfectly legal.


That aim may have come a step closer with the news from TorrentFreak that EZTV is experimenting with TV torrent streaming using what they are calling a Swarmplayer.

The Swarmplayer uses slightly modified torrent files (.tstream), which make it possible to stream video files using the BitTorrent protocol. This would provide a distribution model for publishers which doesn’t involve having to pay for expensive bandwidth.

Low Cost Distribution Model

BitTorrent streaming of television shows could offer a low-cost online video option. The only problem right now seems to be the inability to keep a fully saved copy of the file on your hard drive for later viewing.

EZTV administrator Novaking said:

We are hoping that TV networks start seeing this as a method to provide people with what they want”.

Could this be the future of television? Some obviously think so, and it is definitely a possibility. Experimentation is key to finding an easy and legal model for the distribution of TV programmes.

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