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What do you think of when you imagine the world’s dirtiest jobs? Plumber? Janitor? A dirty job is any occupation that involves daily exposure to one or more of the following: trash, human or food waste, stench, chemicals, bodily fluids, dirt, blood and viscera, and death. Read on to find a list of jobs you never expected.

Geriatric nurses have to deal with elderly or dying patients, exposing them to human waste, bodily fluids and death. Lift pump removers deal with human waste collected in sewers. Estheticians are around chemicals and bodily fluids, while crime scene cleaners see blood and death daily. The same goes for slaughterhouse workers. Garbage collectors are exposed to most of these unpleasantries while proctologists are always poking around in someone’s guts. Emergency medical technicians stare death in the face, along with smelling it, as do roadkill collectors.

But the dirtiest job of all combines nearly all of these factors and offers no salary: a parent.

They're Dirty Jobs

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