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The Philips GoGear ViBE Portable AV Player is both an excellent MP3 player and video player. Small and very light, this audio video player offers an impressive performance for a very convenient price.

Summary of the Philips GoGear ViBE features

The GoGear ViBE player features a 1.5” full color display that uses the SMV to play videos. The player can also be used specifically for MP3’s and WMA’s, and offers song title, artist, and album information. As far as storage capacity, the GoGear ViBE offers 4 GB of NAND Flash, for roughly around 900 tracks of music.

No Separate Charger or Headset Required

Included with the player is a pair of earbuds, as well as a mini CD-ROM offering device manager software and a Media Converter for Philips, if for example the user needs to convert MP4 files to a different format for the GoGear.

The player does not have a charger, or require a separate charger, but rather plugs directly into the USB port of a PC for recharging.

The Controls on the Player

The controls are fairly easy to work with, and after some initial experimentation with the player I was able to easily find music, recorded audio, and video on the player.

The only oddity I noticed was the absence of a specific power ‘on/off’ button, but after following the quick-start instructions I see how the system works, and I figure that buttons were simplified as much as possible considering the small dimensions of this player.

However, others have reported that the buttons are a bit stiff and general operation is a bit non-intuitive so may frustrate non-techies.

Video Review of the The Philips GoGear ViBE

For someone looking for a simplistic and very lightweight player that offers a decent amount of capacity for a very reasonable price, the Philips GoGear is a reasonable product.

The downsides are that video playback is more of a fun bonus than for serious use since the quality is quite low, and those that require their gadgets to be idiot proof may have trouble working with this player. However, these let-downs are relatively trivial given the price.

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