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History Channel Online - Offering Free Full-Length Episodes and much more

The History Channel website offers a variety of full-length episodes that can be viewed in entirety online.

What the History Channel Website Offers

The History Channel website offers a number of interesting full-episodes of programs to watch online, such as “Hero Ships” and “Cities of the Underworld”. In addition, the site offers a interesting variety of clips and videos from other programs from their lineup.

Whether the offerings of the history channel really go above and beyond “sensational” history is another story completely – the impression I get is that a large volume of the supposed historical episodes have to do with UFOs, Nostradamus, and the unexplained.

Navigation and Finding Full Episodes to Watch

From the main page of the History Channel website, simply clicking on the ‘Video’ tab routes you to a comprehensive listing of all of the channel’s current show. Conveniently, the shows that offer full episodes are marked with a red “Full Episodes Available”, a nice touch when other sites (like Disney, for instance) make navigation to full episodes of programs more of a difficult task.

In addition, this main video page also breaks down the collection of videos by category, allowing you to find programs of interest based on topic (although “Mysteries and the Unexplained” seem to take up an unnecessarily large section of the categories. Well, whatever.)

Viewing Episodes Online

I selected “UFO Hunters” (as that was always my favorite aspect of world history in public school…) and was routed to the page for this particular series. Following a brief commercial, the first things broadcast were a short succession of video clips from “UFO Hunters”. You need to click another tab for “Season 1 Full Episodes” in order to get to full-episode segments, broken into 10 minute playtimes.

The audio and video worked fine for the video, and offered features such as full-screen and email sharing options. It’s just the selection of subject matter that remains a little questionable, and makes me wonder: if this represents history according to the History channel, then why did I have to learn about Louis XIV in school and not aliens and Mayan 2012 predictions?

History Channel Sample Programming

Other Features of the History Channel Site

The History Channel site also offers a guide to current programming, a large number of games and multimedia applications, a store for purchasing various episodes, and info about their magazine.

The site is comprehensive, and above and beyond the full-length episodes there is a lot of interesting content to check out.

The History Channel

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