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Geeks and nerds are constantly feuding over relative coolness. Geeks claim that they are superior due to their normative social skills. Nerds have the uniformly high intelligence that practically guarantees them entrance into Ivy League universities. Geeks win this battle because geekdom is a self-selective universe. Anyone with a geeky hobby can be a geek. Nerds are nerds whether they like it or not; the label is applied to them by others and there is not much they can do about it.

Being called a geek is a good thing, whereas being called a nerd is an insult of the highest order. A geek’s skills and knowledge can be put to use in his career for financial gain. A nerd may have many talents, but very often a nerd’s abilities do not translate into any tangible real-world benefits. Geeks embrace their identities, sometimes proudly wearing geeky clothes as badges of honor. Nerds are identifiable by their straightforwardly awful fashion choices.

Geeks vs Nerds

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