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Simoun Synopsis

The anime Simoun takes place on the planet planet Daikuriku.

On Daikuriku, humans are born female and choose a sex when they come of age.

On the peaceful nation of Simulacrum, young girls pilot magical machines called Simoun.

Watch Simoun online

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Indian Premier League LogoCricket is one of those sports you either love or hate. There’s very little middle ground. Those who love it are in for a treat over the next few months as the Indian Premier League tournament takes place. And all, for free, on YouTube.

YouTube Progresses

YouTube is becoming much more than it once seemed it would ever be. Already by far the most popular online video destination on the Web, serving one billion videos a day, it’s now turning its attentions to professional content as well as the bread and butter of UGC.

YouTube has already done deals with a number of media companies which have added movies and TV content to the site. Channel 4’s 4oD being a prime example. Sporting events are also now being added to the roster.

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We all know that football (American football, not to be confused with other kinds of football where one uses their feet) is America’s true past-time. From the bashing of helmets, to the yelling in the sidelines and screaming from the crowds, watching NFL action on television has become the new live attendance.

Now audiences can view the gridiron action from the comfort of their comfy leathery couches, a nice bar stool or even online at work (don’t let your boss see, that could be hazardous to your current employment).

Football fans have a few choices when it comes to watching Sunday entertainment. For most viewers it means watching your local team and a handful of games that Fox and CBS choose for you.

You can pick up a free digital signal or use Comcast or Dish Network. All are fine choices if you’re a regular run-of-the-mill NFL fan but what must the hardcore, paint-your-body-blue-and-orange, type fan must do? The choice is easy: Purchase DirecTV

The NFL Sunday Ticket

For many lovers of all things NFL, DirecTV has long been an oasis of football coverage. Their prized package, NFL Sunday Ticket airs around 14 football games every Sunday and up to 200 games during the season.

Tired of watching the Jets throttle the Jags? Switch over to the Steelers game. It’s heaven unless you’re the significant other of that nutty football fan. DirecTV also carries the games on Demand if you’re unable to sit in front of your 50″ plasma this Sunday.

Watching NFL Games Online

In 2007, a deal between the NFL and DirecTV gave Sunday Ticket subscribers the access to watch games online, provided that the viewer has a broadband internet connection, but was only available for existing NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers.

DirecTV heard the complaints and now offers access to view games online through the purchase of a separate package which costs around $100 for the season.

One has to be a pretty big super-fan to really appreciate watching games on your computer. Like Hulu, the potential is great and if viewers are able to make this package work, it’s a pretty good deal. Still, pulling the big leathery couch in front of your computer monitor doesn’t sound all that appealing.

DirecTV’s deal with the NFL for broadcasting games online ends in 2014. The online NFL Sunday Ticket package can either be paid monthly or with an annual payment.

If you’re a current DirecTV subscriber, the NFL online package comes slightly discounted but don’t expect all the other bells and whistles you get with the full NFL Sunday Ticket package on your TV.

What Else?

The NFL Sunday Ticket package also brings the NFL Network, which runs programming 24/7 with game analysis, commentary and games you may have missed during the weekend. The NFL Sunday Network also carries classic games so if you’re a Bears fan and you have an urge to watch Super Bowl XX, you may get your fix.

The network is carried by Comcast and Dish Network so it’s not exclusive to DirecTV. Still, if you’re paying around $300, you probably want the most bang for your buck.

The channel provides a considerable amount of time to fantasy football players too and even a “Player Tracker” which allows fans to select their favorite players and follow their performance during game-day. This is done through the DirecTV interactive receiver and it comes packaged with “Big Play” alerts.

If you call yourself a NFL “super-fan” and you’re sitting on a fat wad of cash, consider the Sunday NFL Ticket or at least the paler online version.

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Below you will find live streaming coverage and a selection of video clips from the 2009 NCAA College Basketball Tournament. We’ll also include links to the top videos of the March Madness games and update this post regularly with the results.

The NCAA Tournament TV and online coverage begins on March 17 with the opening game (Morehead State vs. Alabama State) and ends with the championship game in Detroit, Michigan on April 6. There will be 65 teams playing in a single-elimination tournament to determine the national men’s NCAA college basketball champions.

Watch The NCAA Tournament Live Online

When games are on you should be able to watch the live coverage in the video player below. If it doesn’t work check the list underneath for alternatives.


More Streams

Downloads & Hot Videos of the NCAA Tournament

Search More

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Watch NBA Games Live OnlineThe extensive though ultimately flawed coverage of the Olympic Games on NBC could have opened the door to other sports looking to the Internet for viewers. Basketball is the latest subscriber to the power of Web video.

The NBA is looking to open up its Broadband rights for the coming 2008/2009 season, which begins in late October.

The biggest result of this decision is that games could now be streamed live online locally.

VOD & Streaming

Video streaming would go hand in hand with interactive TV and video on demand coverage, but it’s the one of the three services being launched by the League that would have the biggest impact.

According to Sports Business Journal, the plan would see each team having the right to cut a local deal. So Chicago Bulls fans would be able to watch matches on the website and/or the website of the regional sports networks.

Internet users from outside of the local area would be prevented from watching the matches online by the use of geo-blocking technology.

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Watch NFL Games Live Online For Free

From September, fans of American football will be able to watch NFL games live online for free. This is massive news, which signals a significant change of strategy from the National Football League.

The NFL has until now kept a tight rein on the rights to its games, but this move to the Web shows a willingness to move with the times and experiment with Internet streaming.

NBC Streams Live Online

According to the LA Times, NBC will make its television feed of Sunday Night Football, including play by play, and commentary from John Madden, available on multiple websites. Some will be NBC sites, while some will be owned by the league.

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