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new-youtube-logoGoogle’s experiment in turning YouTube from the prime destination for videos of funny cats into something more worthy has been successful in its first year. So more channels, including some for international audiences, are on the way.

Original YouTube Programming

This time last year Google announced it was bringing original content to YouTube in a big way, with 100 premium channels being given a budget and told to go away and produce quality shows. New media companies, YouTube stars, and bona fide celebrities were all involved.

A total sum of $100 was handed out, and once channels made the money back from advertising revenues, they then took their cut. Everyone was set to be a winner, and generally speaking that’s the way it has turned out.

According to a post on the Official YouTube Blog, the top 25 original channels are now averaging more than one million video views every week, while the number of people subscribing to these channels has double year-on-year.

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TV-Set-EthernetOnline video has grown rapidly in popularity over the last few years, going from something only tech-savvy geeks knew about to a mainstream phenomenon even your aging grandparents can handle.

This shift has coincided with streaming video becoming available via more devices, including the once-humble television set. And it’s TV that is now more popular than PC for watching online video.

TV Tops PC

In its new ‘Digital Video Outlook’ survey for 2012, NPD reports that television sets are now the prime method for watching online video. According to the poll it conducted, 45 percent of people use their TVs, while just 31 percent use their PCs. This is a polar shift, as last year the figures stood at 33% and 48% respectively.

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gangnam-stylePSY is not only a YouTube star and the creator of a viral video hit, he’s also now a world record holder. And all for singing strange lyrics and dancing in the Gangnam Style. Whatever that is.

Gangnam Style

You’ve probably heard of ‘Gangnam Style‘ by now, even if it’s just the term rather than the song itself which has entered your sphere of knowledge. The term has come to mean the style of dance exhibiting in the video, which has taken off as a meme on the InterWebs.

As for the song, well, that’s currently making waves around the world, despite the fact it’s by a South Korean artist called PSY, and features lyrics mostly sung in Korean. And it’s now broken the world record for the number of likes received on YouTube.

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u.s.-flag-burningA short video uploaded to YouTube, as well as several other video sites on the Internet, has sparked a major crisis. But should a negative reaction to a video online ever justify its removal by Google and other denizens of the Web?

Innocence Of Muslims Video

The Innocence Of Muslims video has acted as a powder keg igniting violent protests across the Middle East. Four American diplomats, including the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, were killed in an attack on the consulate in Benghazi.

The 14-minute clip, which is taken from a longer film, is clearly offensive to Muslims with its mocking depiction of the Prophet Mohammad. Most right-thinking people wish the video had never seen the light of day, but now that’s it out there on the Internet there’s a moral question over how to proceed.

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hbo-logoHome Box Office is heading overseas once more, but this time with a service called HBO Nordic launching in, unsurprisingly, the Nordic countries of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. And with no pay-TV subscription required.

HBO Nordic

HBO Nordic is set to launch in October, bringing original HBO programming to the Nordic countries. It’s a joint venture between HBO and Parsifal International, and the content will be made available in a number of different ways.

Local television providers will carry a premium 24-hour HBO Nordic channel, but the programming will also be available on the Web for less than €10 – HBO will reveal the final pricing for each country at a later date.

The programming on offer will range from original HBO shows such as True Blood and Game of Thrones, classic and up-to-date movies, and content from both Showtime and Starz, neither of which has an international presence of their own.

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youtube-moodwallYouTube is testing what it’s labeled ‘Moodwall’ on random users of the online video site. As its name suggests Moodwall makes recommendations on the feelings associated with videos. Users aren’t happy with the fledgling feature.

YouTube Surfing

Most of us invariably head to YouTube for a specific reason. We’ll have a subject matter in mind that we want to find and watch a video about. But once you’re on YouTube and have watched the video(s) you were seeking out you’ll then likely be drawn to click on more videos, view a channel, or browse a whole category.

This is of benefit to YouTube for obvious reasons – more videos watched means more ads seen – and it has sought to offer up recommendations to keep users clicking and watching. Up to now these efforts have been mainly based on search terms, but Moodwall looks to be operate differently.

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Netflix LogoNetflix is set to continue its slow but sure expansion into international territories with a push into the Nordic countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland before the end of 2012. The finer details are sketchy, but the company’s intentions are as clear as day.

Netflix’ International Expansion

Netflix is a very American company, starting out in the U.S. and building a huge userbase of people eager to pay a few dollars each month to receive a smörgåsbord of television and movie offerings.

Despite some missteps along the way, Netflix is still doing well. And at the end of 2010 it expanded across the border into Canada with an offering that got a mixed reception.

In 2011 it expanded down into Latin America, and then at the beginning of 2012 it took a giant leap across the pond to launch in the U.K. and Ireland.

So, where to next?

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