Amazon Adds Fox Content To Amazon Prime Streaming Service As Netflix Rivalry Hots Up

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Amazon-LogoWith Netflix still recovering from its recent woes, there is a window of opportunity open and waiting for a serious competitor to sneak in. Step forward Amazon, which is rapidly becoming a deadly player in this duel to the death.

Amazon Captures Fox

Amazon has struck a deal with Fox which sees a range of TV shows added to Amazon Prime. Classic television content such as The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 24, Arrested Development, and Ally McBeal, and movies including Office Space, Speed, and Mrs. Doubtfire will now be available for Amazon Prime customers to stream to their hearts’ content.

Amazon Prime is the online retailer’s subscription service which currently costs $79-per-year. For that, you not only get streaming video but also free and reduced shipping costs on all products bought through the site.

The Fox content brings the number of episodes available through Amazon Prime up to 11,000, more than double the number available at launch. This compares to the 12,500 episodes available on Netflix, but that costs just under $96-per-year.

Amazon Vs. Netflix

This news comes hot on the heels of Netflix inking a deal with DreamWorks Animation, but as important as that deal was it won’t be enough to counter the tsunami of negative opinion that continues to flood Netflix’ way in light of the price hikes and decision to split the DVDs-by-mail business off into a separate entity called Qwikster.

This gives Amazon the perfect opportunity to strike rival content deals in order to tempt customers away. If Amazon’s line-up surpasses Netflix’ in the short-term then expect a press release packed full of bravado from the online retailer. And with good cause too.


If I was a regular Amazon customer living in the U.S. then I’d be very tempted by Amazon Prime right now, even though I believe Netflix is doing the right thing for the longterm good of its business. As I’m not I can watch the battle unfold from afar. Popcorn in hand.

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