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Anyone claiming to convert over to Christianity is often presented with quizzical looks and peculiar expressions. Some people, however, provoke shock waves when they embrace Christianity as their religion. We are often surprised when someone who seems so deep down in the depths of darkness, crosses over, so to speak. There is hope for all and change is possible.

Many are converted to Christianity every day. Its exceptionally thought provoking when it happens to someone in the public eye known for his or her depraved lifestyle. Seeing someone once deeply opposed to the principles of Christianity embracing them seems a little strange. What came about in this person’s life to bring such a revelation? “Is it a true conversion?” you may ask. That is not for us to judge and only time will tell. When you witness the drastic turn, it certainly is remarkable. So in the spirit of shock and awe, following a list of the 10 Most Bizarre Christian Converts.

10 Bizarre Christian Converts

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